Sex is Mostly Easy for Me

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Sex is Often Scary for Me

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Difficulty Reaching Orgasm?

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Am I Welcome?

I'm a Man
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I'm Gender Queer
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I'm Too Busy for Sex

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Is Sex Compatible with my Spirituality?

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One Million Orgasms

Erotic Self Discovery through AUDIO programs
for everyone who wishes to sexually explore, grow, celebrate, heal, or deepen pleasure.
In your own space and time.


"Dear Explorer of your own sexual potential, of your own erotic beauty,
and of your own magnificent body, the vehicle through which we experience love,
which in the body translates into pleasure.

What love is for our emotional being,
pleasure is for our physical being.
They go hand in hand."

One Million Orgasms is a Tribute to Female Erotic Power and Orgasm

You can deepen, change or expand your relationship with sexuality in 90 minutes



dreamstime_xs_17283328               EROTIC POWER .....


                ...... KNOWING your own, erotic body, your sensual & sexual responses,
                                       your 'yes,' 'no,' 'maybe' and 'hold still'  


dreamstime_xs_4165267...... EXPANDING your erotic intelligence, your orgasmic sensations and your pleasure menu

...... BEING COMFORTABLE being close or merging sometimes, while enjoying being solo at other times

...... EXPERIENCING your unique erotic truth








with our Clitoris, Vagina, G-spot ... through our M-spot, Cervix, Nipples...
                                                                   ... our Skin and our Entire Body        

  ..... while having sex,
                    dancing, singing, running, hiking, meditating, playing, gazing

and... and.... and...



..... There are sigh-orgasms, woof orgasms, expanded orgasms, energy orgasms, breath orgasms, full-body orgasms
..... There are full-spectrum-orgasms, laugh-gasms*, cry-gasms* (*Annie Sprinkle's terms) and absolutely-everywhere-orgasms

Sometimes our genitals are involved, sometimes not at all

While we love any kind of orgasm, One Million Orgasms invites you to explore body and genitals and orgasm

  • IF you already have orgasms, One Million Orgasms may deepen or expand them;
  • IF you can't quite reach orgasm, One Million Orgasms can help find satisfaction, however that feels;
  • IF you're scared of sex and/or orgasm, One Million Orgasms offers pure exploration;
  • IF you wish to unveil some of the female sex mysteries - Get On Board!

At the same time...

It's about the Journey, not the Orgasm


Comment from a listener:

I listened to the whole project (got very turned on) and I think it's really a great offering. I love your voice. It makes listening very interesting. I love that you repeatedly offer choice by saying that you are feeling one thing but the listener should focus on what she is feeling. I think your emphasis on that is really important. I also like that you begin by saying that you're not even feeling aroused or horny but that you're going into an exploration of self loving with no expectations of orgasm. It's really good to start like that. Over all, I think it's really good stuff.

Suzanne Blackburn, author of 'Reclaiming Eros'


Download the One Million Orgasm Package

Two Guided Journeys Into Your Erotic Body and Orgasm that will change the relationship with your body and sex forever

Click to download

© 2011 Isa Magdalena, Women's Orgasm Project

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